A Love of Textiles

Weaving cloth used to be a chore that consumed many hours. Sewing clothes out of that cloth could take weeks when people had no sewing machines or time to sit and do crafts. The busy lives of people in the past were filled with work and care for their families. Creating clothing was a chore, but it was often one filled with love. Once the clothes were outgrown or could no longer be repaired, the items were usually cut up and sewn into quilts. Today there is still a love of textiles that is represented by quilting, but the materials are new, bright, and bold.

The joy of sewing for some still resides in threading a needle and sewing by hand. For those who prefer a faster method, modern sewing machines are in the price range marked affordable for many. Those who enjoy creating cloth items for family and friends often turn to quilting. They find matching fabrics to create patterns can occupy their minds, and they then have the pleasure of turning it into an item that is often cherished through several generations.

While many of the oldest quilts were made from scraps of fabric already worn down through use, modern quilters have found it is just as easy to donate used clothing. They can purchase new pieces of cloth for a reasonable price. This provides them with bolder colours and a close weave that will last years longer without repair. Many quilts today may still be in use a century from now.

Art is about creating things people love to admire, or it can be about sending a message. For those who create quilts both of those feelings may apply. They want their recipient to like what they see, but they may also want to convey the message that they care deeply about the person for whom they fashioned a quilt.