A Tradition of Crafts


Recreating the Beauty of Bygone Days

Crafts are often handed down through families for generations, and this practice has kept them alive in the modern world. Some family traditions have excluded...


Bringing Crafts Back

Making useful items by hand has been a tradition since the Stone Age. Back then, hunting was an important occupation. Making stone tips for spears...


Basket Weaving for Beginners

The craft of basket weaving has a long history in the world of man. Using grasses, canes and palms to make baskets has been a...


Rekindling Useful Crafts

Modern man lives by his electronic devices. A walk down any street shows people busy texting, talking and viewing videos on cell phones and tablets....


Crafting Warmth

There are many different crafts practiced by those who love to work with their hands, and some of them involved cloth and yarn. Their unique...

Throughout history, man has made what he needed to survive. Before large companies manufactured most of the world's goods, people made things by hand. They then passed this knowledge down to young people. Crafting tools and goods for survival became a tradition. Unfortunately, that tradition is dying out in many places. Weaving baskets and turning wood on a lathe to produce bowls are crafts that have been replaced by companies that mass produce these items. It is cheaper and requires far less labor. Handing these traditions down is no longer being done unless local craftsmen make the effort to teach these skills.